Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering, we have a variety of ways you can share your time and talents. Please fill out form here.



Organizations may want to host a food drive. Please check the Most Needed Items List before holding your drive. Notify the Food Shelf on the dates of your drive by calling (585)-425-7410. We would like to know of your plans in order to have volunteers available to sort the food and stock the shelves.

Consider some of the tips for conducting food drives from our Food Drive Guide

Fairport High School Seniors

High School Seniors needing community service hours:

We have no volunteer hours available unless you might consider conducting a food drive in your neighborhood.

  1. Contact us at (585)-425-7410 for discussing plans to conduct a food drive and details.
  2. Go to Perinton Food Shelf website for the Most Needed Items List.
  3. Create a flyer for your food drive, including dates, times, items needed and instructions
    where to leave items(front porch, door handle).
  4. After picking up food drive items, contact us at (585)-425-7410 for delivery time.
  5. Once at the food shelf, student will check dates and sort food.
  6. After completion, student will receive a letter regarding hours and project completed.